One of the things I have decided to do in 2020 is make all my music available for free via streaming sites. I wont be selling CD’s because I know too many people who don’t have CD players (myself included!) You can still purchase the individual tracks or the EP as a whole from Amazon, Apple etc if you prefer! Instead of CD’s, I will be creating some special Merch which you can purchase to help support my music and have something to call your own!

This gorgeous lot looking FABULOUS in their Celine Ellis Music Merch!

Below is a link to the T-shirt store! I am making really low profits on the T-shirts and hoodies to make sure it is affordable for you guys. Click the image below to go to the store…

Paper Aeroplanes EP Classic Tee and Lockdown Live Tour T-Shirt

Another way to support me is to Buy me a Coffee!

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